Rinascita. Seminiamo il Paradiso.
August 31, 2023
9:00 pm
Trapani, Sicily
Parco di Segesta
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Introducing to you, with unwavering enthusiasm, ‘Rinascita’ – an exclusive night held at the hallowed grounds of the Segesta temple. This ethereal event, curated by The Arcana Society, is set to weave together the mystical tapestry of ritual ceremonies by the revered @alessandra_di_gesu and the captivating beats of an ecstatic dance DJ set by the incredible @luyo_official 🌙🎶

Our dedication to this treasured ancestral land is embodied in every facet of Rinascita. For each ticket you grace us with, we pledge to donate a resilient tree to the archaeological park. This is our chance, our profound mission, to reforest and rejuvenate Sicily’s scarred landscapes, a symbol of our commitment to this land and our planet. 🌳💚

We’re humbled by the overwhelming support pouring in from our cherished Arcana Society inner circle. Together, we’re steering our intentions toward an audacious goal – to mend what has been harmed and give life where it’s needed most. 🌍🤝

Whether your presence graces Segesta temple on the radiant evening of August 31st or not, your impact reverberates beyond time and space. You hold the power to create change, to nurture growth, and to etch your name into the very heart of Sicily’s rebirth. To secure your ticket and contribute to this vital cause, find the Link in our Bio. 🎟️🌱

Let’s weave the threads of rejuvenation together, let’s stand as a beacon of hope for Sicily and our planet. 🌟