“To create beauty, we need to experience beauty”.
At The Arcana Society we strive to make a positive impact as a community on the world by helping on heal the relation between the human beings and mother earth, raising awareness that the earthly life experience can be heaven on hearth if we cultivate it together as soul and soil gardeners. We promote personal growth and community consciousness through the transmission of wisdom from the ancient Mediterranean mysteries tradition and 432Hz mystique ecstatic dance sessions in transformational events.

We organize transformational and gathering events that blend spirituality with music and art in locations of significant historical, cultural, artistic, and natural importance. We believe that by connecting to the vestiges and temples of ancient civilizations, ancestral knowledge awaken within us, evolving into a collective consciousness. Places of great natural impact on the other hand restore the ancestral bond between nature and humans and awaken the memory of the Eden experience, a relationship of pure harmony between human beings and nature.

As human beings, an experience of earthly paradise is closely linked to the experience of tribe and family. We believe that to manifest one’s spiritual potential to the fullest, humans must celebrate life through a healthy and cohesive community with which to grow and collectively celebrate the beauty of life.

Alessandra Di Gesu

High Priestess of the Ancient Mysteries Tradition and Demeter’s Temple in Selinunte, Alessandra Di Gesu is a spiritual leader who carries on the millennia-old Mediterranean ancient tradition. She transmits this wisdom through an initiatic school as well as conferences, retreats, circles, sacred ceremonies, and personal growth programs worldwide. Raised in Sicily, in contact with the temple of Selinunte, she grew up through an immersive connection with myths, classical culture, sacred dances, astrology, art history, and archaeology that she integrates into her rituals and sacred ceremonies, offering her followers and alumni powerful experiences of spiritual awakening and mystic divine embodiment.

Traveling all around the world to sacred places and ancient temples since she was young, Alessandra believes in the importance of reconnecting with Mother Earth as our paradise and celebrating life as a gift to honor in Circle as a community of “gardeners of soul and soil.” In the past 15 years, she has brought an ever-growing international community, and she co-founded “The Arcana Society” to plant the new Paradise on Heart.

Federico Luyo

Luyo’s unique style, deeply rooted in spiritual realms and influenced by his global travels, exudes a nomadic essence shaped by a lifelong connection to the Caribbean, italian heritage, and current residence in the Balearic Islands.

With releases on esteemed labels like Nervous, MoBlack, and Cafe De Anatolia, Luyo’s music resonates across genres from Organic / Downtempo to Afro House. This signature sound expertly blends contemporary electronic music with ancient rhythms, earning acclaim from luminaries such as Black Coffee, Louie Vega, and St. Germain.

The mystical sounds and exciting rhythms serve as a cosmic ritual guiding us on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

Luyo’s live DJ sets are a sonic voyage, starting with organic/downtempo music tuned to 432Hz and reaching its zenith with tribal shamanic beats featuring live percussion and ecstatic rhythms.