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Join The Arcana Society for the Mystic Turkey Expedition, an extraordinary journey through the heart of Turkey’s ancient and mysterious landscapes. Our adventure kicks off in Cappadocia, where we’ll explore surreal valleys, ancient rock formations, and hidden underground cities while staying at the charming Sacred Mansion hotel.

Next, we’ll delve into the rich history of Gaziantep, home to the stunning Zeugma Mosaic Museum, and stay at the historic Gaziantep Bey Konagi. Our travels will then take us to the captivating, partially submerged city of Halfeti, and the mystical Mount Nemrut, with its colossal statues and breathtaking views, where we’ll rest at the Euphrates Hotel.

As we move further, we’ll visit the ancient city of Harran and the culturally rich Mardin, staying at the elegant Ankah Ank Konagi. Our journey will also include a visit to Göbekli Tepe, the world’s oldest temple complex, and the historical treasures of Diyarbakir, where we’ll unwind at the New Garden Hotel.

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime expedition filled with history, culture, and mystery.
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1-11 JULY 2024




Alessandra Di Gesu

Priestess of the Ancient Mysteries tradition, Venerable Mother of Demeter Malophoros temple in Selinunte, Shaman of the Mediterranean tradition.
Alessandra is a Runes teacher and an Astrologer, and hosted personal growth retreats for the past 15 years.


Music artist Luyo is an internationally famed DJ and producer, influenced by shamanism and his travels around the world.
A former student of various traditions and esoteric ways, offers for Arcana Society an exclusive 432Hz frequencies awakening music meditation set and an uplifting selection of ecstatic dance music with ethnic nuances from the southern borders of the world.

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