22-25 MARCH 2024

Rebirth in your divine dimension

The Arcana Society presents another extraordinary Arcana Experience!

Desert Awakening is a sacred encounter that will ignite your soul amidst the evocative locations of Marrakech, Agafay Desert and Atlas Mountains.

A retreat created to awaken your senses through an extraordinary shamanic and ecstatic experience in the enchanting Morocco.
We are thrilled to reveal that Temple Haze will be joining us as a special guest, a collaboration made possible by Colibri Spirit Festival!
Temple’s live shows are soulful groove ceremonies that transcend time and space. He effortlessly blends electronic and lo-fi organic textures to create a mesmerizing sonic experience that will elevate your spirit and touch your soul. 🎵💫
Limited entry, contact us to apply for participation.



What’s Included

• Arcana Gift Box.
• VIP Pass for Hammam in Marrakech.
• One night in a double room with breakfast at the boutique hotel Tigmi.
• Dinner at the iconic Dar Yacout restaurant.
• Transfer from Tigmi to Agafay desert.
• Two nights at Caravan by Habitas in a double explorer tent including meals.
• Desert, Atlas mountains and oasis excursions.
• Mediterranean Mysteries Ritual Ceremonies.
Ecstatic Dance and DJ Set.
Temple Haze live concert.
• Transfer from Habitas Caravan Agafay to Marrakech airport.



Flight tickets, extra beverages.



22-25 MARCH 2024



h 14:00 – Arrival at the boutique hotel Tigmi and circle meeting.

h 15:30 – 18:00 – We will immerse ourselves in a sublime experience of regeneration, purification, and celebration of the body and senses.
Three hours dedicated to an ancient Berber ritual of beauty in an authentic Moroccan hammam with black soap, essential oils, relaxing massages, and meditation of the senses.

h 20:30 – Opening dinner with moroccan menu and concert of andalous musicians at one of the most exclusive and historic restaurants in Marrakech, the iconic Dar Yacout!

h 10:00 Desert transfer.
h 10:40 Arrival at Habitas Caravan luxury lodge.
h 12:00-13:30 Meditation and ritual sessions for awakening our creative intuition and the power of manifestation.
h 13:30-16:00 Light lunch, comfort and relaxation in the spaces.
h 16:00-18:00 Tea ceremony and ancient ritual to awaken our pineal gland and set intentions.
h 18:00 Rest.
h 19:30 Berber dinner.
h 21:30 Temple Haze live concert. Shamanic journey ceremony under the desert stars.

h 10:00 Transfer through the Atlas Mountains and oasis in the desert, visiting places and ritual ceremony to plant our purposes and flourish in our earthly paradise.
h 13:00 Desert picnic.
h 15:30 Return to the hotel and rest.
h 19:30 Berber dinner with live music.
h 21:30 Arcana Night – Desert party with DJ set, musicians, fire shows, and ecstatic dance.

Breakfast and transfer to Marrakech according to return schedules, possibilities to visit the kasbah and historical places in the city.

We are grateful to announce that new seeds have been planted through the co-creation with a new extraordinary partner, Colibri Spirit Festival, and an exceptional inspired artist, Temple Haze, who will accompany us in our upcoming retreat gathering “Desert Awakening” in Morocco from March 22nd to 25th for three days of sacred ceremonies, evolutionary rituals, ecstatic dance, DJ sets, and mesmerizing music under the starry sky of the Agafay for an unforgettable mystical journey that will uplift your soul and elevate your spirit! 🌌💫


Alessandra Di Gesu


Priestess of the ancient tradition of the Mysteries, Venerable Mother of the temple of Demeter Malophoros in Selinunte, shaman of the Mediterranean tradition.
Alessandra is a teacher of Runes and Astrologer and has hosted personal growth retreats for the past 15 years.

Federico Luyo


Music shaman Federico Luyo weaves a sonic fabric that resonates with the very essence of our souls. His music is a cosmic ritual that guides us on a journey of self-discovery and awakening dance thru a 432Hz exclusive music ritual and a tribal shamanic music offering featuring live percussion and ecstatic rhythms.

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